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Key Box Program

        Sparta Township has adopted Ordinance #23-18 requiring the installation of a key box emergency access
system on all buildings equipped with automatic fire alarm, automatic fire suppression or standpipe
systems, multi-family residential structures, all schools, governmental structures and nursing care
facilities that are not occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a building keyholder.

        The purpose of this ordinance is to allow Fire Department personnel immediate access during an
emergency. Lock box master keys are provided to authorized fire department personnel only.

        The lock boxes approved for use in Sparta Township are the Electronic KnoxBox 3200 and the
Electronic KnoxVault 4400. The lock boxes must be ordered via Knox’s “eApproval” process. Please go
to to begin ordering.

        Once the lock box is delivered, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to installation to ensure
proper placement of the box. Additionally, after the installation we will again need to be contacted to
place the keys in the box.

The key box shall include the following items:
   1. Labeled keys to locked points of ingress and egress, whether in interior or exterior of such buildings
   2. Labeled keys to mechanical rooms;
   3. Labeled keys to elevator rooms and controls;
   4. Labeled keys to any fence or secured areas;
   5. Labeled keys to areas of the building where fire alarm panels and fire protection systems
   6. Labeled keys and access codes to any other areas that may be required by the Fire Official;
   7. A card containing the emergency contact names and phone numbers for such buildings;
   8. Floor plans of the rooms within the building showing locations of shut-offs;
   9. Hazardous materials information;
   10. An inventory of the keys;
   11. Fire protection system reset codes and written instructions

All building/business owners will have until August 31, 2024 to comply with this ordinance.
Please contact the Sparta Township Fire Prevention Bureau at 973-729-4227 with any questions or
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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